September 30, 2011

'The Route'

Traveling is all about the unpredictability of where you'll end up.  Or so I'm told.  I'm way too much of a planner slash control freak for that kind of carry on but I came up with a way that would satisfy my OCD tendencies and still give us the freedom to travel around ad hoc.  The joyous wonder that is the sheets of Excel became the host for what we'll now call 'The Route'.  Viva Glam.

Why bother with a loose week by week breakdown?  Well it meant when we went in to book our Round-The-World ticket we'd have an idea of how long we wanted to spend where and make sure we got in everything we wanted to see.  It also meant it was easy to let friends know where we were going to be should they wish to visit us!

Month Week    Date    Flights   Things of interest     Proposed places    Country   Continent
 Sept           1

Once we had 'The Route'  we made our joyful way into Trailfinders where we booked the Round The World ticket.  I was shocked at the bargain these RTW tickets were.  We managed to get in all of SE Asia, Oz, The States and home for approx 1700 blips and when a return trip to Vietnam is coming in at 1200 it feels like even more of a bargain.  Nod of approval for RTW tickets.

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