September 17, 2011

The Suitcase

Now, I know how boring this sounds but believe me, I never knew there was so much to suitcases.  And it is really boring but so were the 50 gazillion hours I spent on the internet trying to figure out the best option to pack my treasured fashions in.

So I started out where all good travelers start on the travel blogs.  BIG MISTAKE.

It started off with some talk of backpacks.  BLEUGH.  I feel exactly the same about backpacks as I feel about flip flops in the city.  Disgusting.  Let's be honest, we live in a pretty modern world these days, even the more remote places have discovered the wheel.  The only time I can possibly think you'd need to put a bag on your back is, em.. never.  And the more I read, the more I found seasoned travelers saying the same thing.  Wintown.

Once I'd pacified my mind that a suitcase was the right decision, it was time to talk size.  Never in my whole life have I thought about the litreage of a bag.  Back to the trusty travel forums and the recommended literage was 45 litres.  This meant nothing to me but it sounded pretty big and this was spoken of as the largest you would need.  Well... on inspection, 45 litres is tiny.  Fair enough, I'm not planning on hiking up any mountains or walls or anything in fact and if I was 45 litres would be perfect for carrying.  Me on the other hand if you remember - lying and festivals.  I'd be able to handle much bigger. Ahem.

After searching all baggage shops and websites, the bag I found to be the complete winner was the Wander-Full Duffle with Wheels from Samsonite.


Why was this perfect for me?

1:  It's Fuchsia.  The only other colour that could have trumped it would have been a gold one.
2:  It's big (111 litres) but not too big.  Because of the design, you can tighten the straps and it becomes much smaller.
3:  It has different compartments inside.  I'm pretty OCD when it comes to where things should go so it means everything has a place in my bag.
4:  It's on wheels but also has multiple handles in places that make it easy to throw onto a boat; onto a TukTuk etc

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