September 17, 2011

Where In the World?

All guns blazing, it was time to figure out where the hell I was going.

I decided there were two passions I wanted to indulge:  Lying & Festivals

I wanted to lie down for a substantial amount of time with lashings of Vitamin D penetrating my skin.  Given that I was aiming to leave around August/September this meant we* were going long haul first.  This kind of meant we were going to South East Asia.  We planned to cover off all the obvious ones - Thailand; Cambodia; Laos; Vietnam.  India kept popping it's head up but we'd heard really mixed reports about travelling in India but in the end we decided to give it and Sri Lanka a go.

Optimum lying in Thailand 2009

While you're down that neck of the woods, it's kind of remiss to skip Oz. Weirdly enough, I've never had any urge to visit Australia so this came as a shock to me that I was considering it.  Michelle on the other hand has been 'travelling' for the last two years and has spent most of her time there.  I figured in for a penny and all that.

New Zealand was a runner for a while if it coincided with the Rugby World Cup.  All those big arms and thighs in one place...swoon.  However, stinger for us, we were going to be too late for that and going back to the objective of maximum Vitamin D, we ruled New Zealand out because of the temperature. And before you argue, yes, it's still warmer than Ireland but we're after the really good stuff of more than 24°.

I started off by making a list of all the festivals I wanted to go to.
Kate at Sonar 2011

It looked like the next stop was the glorious US of A.  Apart from festivals, there were a few more stops we wanted to get in while we were over yonder.

Vegas - I used to dream of getting married here.  Suitably tacky, I imagined the white Dynasty dress, and an Italian American who ran the show (the glamorous, romanticised version of course not the new fangled gangster version)  etc. I've moved on and now expect that I won't be too fond of it but it would be a crying shame not to get a goo of where my matrimonial magic could have happened.
New York - My Godmother lives here for one.  She was my style inspiration growing up - always full of jewels; every type of accessory; frills and flounces and big shoulder pads. Also, because it's NY and  I ♥ NY.
Florida - Obsessed with CSI Miami, end of.
Mexico - surely we could get some lying in here.  We'll probably be tired after the festivals!
Denver  & Dallas - Surely they had museums for the holy grail of TV - Dynasty and Dallas?  On closer inspection this was ruled out as apparently not many people want to visit such a museum.  Philistines.
Cuba - All I heard from everyone I spoke to was 'You have to see it before it changes'
Canada- to visit our other Dublin Streets half - Matt.

Then for the home stretch, we'd venture around Europe for the festivals and lying where we could.  Only a loose plan exsists so far for Europe as it's a long way away.

Dynasty:  Oh the Glamour

The Finale
I've always been obsessed with Italy - from the food; the wine; the sun; the men - It's got it all.  I decided it was only fair to finish off with a whole month travelling up and down the country.  I simply cannot wait!
Gratuitous pic of Italian rugby team thanks to
 Dolce & Gabbana

We controversially left South America out as we just couldn't fit everything in.  Next time.

*I forgot to mention I was going with my dearest and very gas little sister, Michelle.  We're pretty different but intrinsically we have the same buzz going on.  A major bonus of going with family is that little battles never become bigger wars.  Well with us anyway.

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