September 17, 2011

Working 9 to 5

Handing in my notice was terrifying, once I did this there was no going back.  I honestly loved my job in Thinkhouse and couldn't imagine life either not working or not working there.  But at the end of the day - another deep moment - you have to branch out and give everything a go.  I'd never been travelling and was starting to get bored.  Not of my job but of working.  Of going to the same places every weekend.  Of hanging out with the same people all the time (I obviously love these people very much - sound forevs!)  Everything was just getting a bit samey.

I was stuck in a weird place too.  I was slowly shifting out of the joyous party lifestyle I'd enjoyed for em, let's say a couple of years.  But also, totally wasn't ready to batten down the hatches, embark on a mortgage, husband and kids.  In my eyes, this year was going to give me time to get over the hump.

I wanted to be sound and give enough time for replacements to be gotten, handovers to happen etc so gave three months notice.  My tip for the top here is to give as little notice as is possible.  You try really, really hard to stay focused but the whole time you have a song running through your head:

'I'm going to be travelling the world soon.  I'm going to be travelling the world soon.  I'm going to be travelling the world soon.  I'm going to be travelling the world soon. La la la la la....."

In my instance, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the luxury of a sabbatical.  This is something that doesn't happen very often from what I can gather from various peoples reactions when I told them I was taking a sabbatical.  I did however have to contend with the possibility of just giving up my job and at thirty, this is something that you don't decide on easily.

However, the way I finally got to the point of making the decision was, corny as it sounds, you do only live once.  You have one chance at this and although I loved my job, the six years could blend into one.  This one year would stick out forever.  Nike really did hit the nail on the head when they said, Just Do It!

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